Paintings inspired by the beauty of Nature

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                                                          Karrel Christopher original Fine Arts inspired by Nature.  For any inquiries you would like to submit to Karrel, you may contact her directly.
                                                                                                                                                    ۞ ۵ Enjoy ۵ ۞

kc-the_artistKarrel Christopher has held a fascination for the creative process since childhood.  She always felt joyfully intuned with nature and animals. Her curious, inventive, and resourceful nature - she made great use of her art crafting supplies, often using recycled and found items - fuelled her creative desire.  Her explorations of the arts have included acting, classical ballet, graphic art, photography, greeting cards, jewelry making, flute playing, sewing and textiles.  All of these fields have fed and inspired the other - deepening and expanding her artistic vision.  Then, her first visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was profoundly inspiring  - and a turning point for her.  Painting was to become her primary passion.  She focused on independent study and practice, and continued to refine her skills.  Karrel started exhibiting her work in group and solo exhibitions - in private, business and public venues. It also became her pleasure to create custom originals for art clients.

Studio view articleKarrel's oil paintings are done mostly in a realist style with an organic flavor. They reflect her spiritual connection with Nature. Also there's the influence of her indigenous heritage.  She likes using vibrant colors and symbolic motifs that can lend a contemporary twist to some of her paintings. She is self taught as an artist and maintains a continuous progression in her art. A keen eye for design and a highly tuned sensitivity for her subject's expression, give her paintings a special flavor.  Karrel specializes in animal portraits, nature and Celtic and other spiritual themes - working on canvas and non-leather frame drums. Growing up in the woods of Maine, on an enchanting lake in southern Florida, and finally spending her adult years in beautiful southern California, she has been constantly inspired by the magic of the natural world.

kc Clivia Flowers poster

kc Clivia Flowers poster

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